Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property


General design Principles

  • The project is to include the supply and fix all fixtures unless otherwise indicated.
  • Generally all items to be supplied are nominated in the Rooms and Spaces Furniture and Fixtures listing.
  • A Whole of Life assessment is to be considered in the selection of fixtures to ensure that the selected fixtures provide:
    • Value for Money
    • Fit for purpose
    • Long term durability
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Low maintenance costs
  • All furniture and fixtures are to meet the requirements of relevant Standards (AS/NZS 4610.3:1999);


  • Variations to the nominated fixtures may be necessary in particular designs due to planning considerations.
  • In these cases, the fixtures are to be approximately equivalent and must be approved by the project control group and MQP.

Amenities Fixtures

Refer to Sanitary Fixtures for information on WC's and Urinals.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are to be wall or partition fixed in location adjacent to wc suite to suite access requirements. Position to comply with Accessibility requirements (AS1428.1) where adjacent to accessible and Ambulant wc's.

Toilet Paper Dispenser  
LocationPreferred Fixture Preferred Supplier
Typically to each cubiclePaperstream Type 2 Toilet Roll holder, steel construction, lockable, white powdercoated finish Paper stream Australia
(02) 9997 2925
Access WCBobrick Model B-2740 twin roll holderTo comply with AS1428.1 requirements 
Ambulant WcPaperstream Type 2 Toilet Roll holder, steel construction, lockable, white powdercoated finish or similarPossible Alternative to Comply with AS1428.1 Bobrick Model B-2740 twin roll holder

Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispenser  
LocationPreferred FixtureLocationPreferred Supplier
Typical to basin areaSPRAY SOAP, DISPENSER CODE SZ5001 ‚– 800mlOne for each 4 basins, Min 1 per group of basinsB and C Vendor
phone: 9975 5985
Access WCSPRAY SOAP, DISPENSER CODE SZ5001 ‚– 800mlOne adjacent to basin to AS1428.1 requirementsB and C Vendor
phone: 9975 5985

Paper Towel Holders

Paper Towel Dispenser  
LocationPreferred FixtureLocationPreferred Supplier
Typical to basin areaHolt Harvey Hygenex paper roll towel dispensers (00020 white)One for each 4 basins, Min 1 per group of basinsHolt Harvey
Access WC One adjacent to basin to AS1428.1 requirementsHolt Harvey

Buffer Coat Hooks

Include Lockwood L432 S.C.P. with black rubber tip, one to each WC compartment.

LocationPreferred Fixture  

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryer  
LocationPreferred FixtureLocation
Student ToiletsZip Superdry SD100 2000 Hand DryerOne Unit per 4 basins, with at least one per group of basins
Staff ToiletsZip Superdry SD100 2000 Hand DryerOne Unit per 4 basins, with at least one per group of basins
Access WCZip Superdry SD100 2000 Hand DryerOne per Basin

Baby Change Station

  • Baby Change facilities are to be provide in the following locations:
  • Within all accessible WC facilities on ground floor level in each building
  • Within accessible WC on every 4th Floor above ground floor.


Baby Change Station  
LocationPreferred FixtureLocationPreferred Supplier
Access WC

J D Macdonald Nappy Change Station

One located in an accessible WC

J D Macdonald

(ph: 9417 7055)


  • Grabrails are to be included to meet the requirements of As 1428.1 , NCC & BCA, Including in the following locations:
    • Accessible Disabled showers and toilets.
    • Ambulant Toilet Cubicles.
  • Grabrails are to be in satin finished Stainless steel with cover flanges to concealed fixings.
  • Ensure that the grabrails are securely fixed to a solid wall that will enable the grabrail to withstand the applied force of an occupant.

Shower Toilet Cubicle Partitions

Shower & Toilet cubicle partitions are to be a proprietary system including:

  • Blade Mounted and overhead braced 19mm Compact laminate partitions,
  • 19mm Compact laminate doors with privacy rebate,
  • Gravity hinges,
  • Indicator bolt and turn snib hardware,
  • Coathook and bumper.
  • Framing and fixings as required
  • Colour : as agreed by project team


Mirrors to amenities areas to be:

  • 6mm thick silver backed mirror with
  • Perimeter anodized aluminium angle frame, colour to match tiles or wall, or natural anodized.
  • Fixed to wall with countersunk screws and CP dome covers screwed to countersunk screws.
  • Silicone sealed butt joints where required, joints not to be located within 300mm of the centerline of a handbasin.
  • Where mirror sits on tiled wall, include HMR substrate to enable mirror to sit flush with face of wall tiles.
LocationPreferred FixtureLocation
Student ToiletsMinimum 450mm wide above single basin or full length of row of basins.Above basin as a minimum between 1000mm and 2000mm high.
Staff ToiletsMinimum 450mm wide above basin, preferred full length of row of basins.Above basin as a minimum between 1000mm and 2000mm high.
Access WCMinimum 450mm wide above basinOne per Basin to AS 1428.1 dimensional requirements

Shelving to Amenities

Shelving is to be provided adjacent to basins and mirrors in all toilets as follows;

LocationPreferred FixtureLocation
Student ToiletsWater proof, Compact laminate shelf minimum 125mm deep.Immediately Below Mirror for full length of mirror.
Staff ToiletsWater proof, Compact laminate shelf minimum 125mm deep.Immediately Below Mirror for full length of mirror.
Access WCMinimum 150mm deep to meet regulatory requirements.One per Basin to per BCA Part D & AS 1428.1 dimensional requirements


Lockers where required by the Project Brief are to meet the following requirements

  • The type of lockers and material finish is to be selected based on the intended use and location where they are to be positioned, to ensure functionality and durability.
  • Typically 2 tier interlocking lockers are recommended
  • are a standard height;
  • are individually lockable with 3 keys per locker;
  • are numbered;
  • are sized for jackets/coats.
  • are Minimum 375 mm wide by 1900mm tall and 450mm deep;

Laminate Finished lockers that:

  • are used in an office environment;
  • has a laminate finish;

Powder coat Steel 2 tier Lockers that:

  • are of robust construction;
  • are of metal construction;
  • has a powder coated finish;
  • are ventilated;
  • has seating in front of the lockers (to change rooms).

Preferred Locker Supplier

LocationPreferred FixturePreferred Supplier
 Laminate Finished 2 tier interlocking lockersInterlock
 Powdercoat Steel 2 tier interlocking lockersBrownbuilt
CSM Office Furniture 
ABAX Systems
Statewide Office Furniture

Amenities for Mobility Impaired Persons

Provide amenities & facilities for disabled and ambulant persons as required by legislation.

Include a Help call system to disabled persons toilet facilities, consisting of:

  • Flush mounted push button call button adjacent to the Toilet paper dispenser, exact location to be as agreed with MQP.
  • Push button to be connected to BMS system, with an alarm to be registered in Main Security office (Building C1A).
  • Include an engraved stainless steel sign with contrasting (Black) text, directly above the call button stating the following:

Cleaner's Room and Store

Facilities for the cleaning and maintenance of building facilities are required to every building or facility.

These facilities are to include:

  • In an position as agreed by MQP, on each ground floor level and alternate floor of new buildings or major refurbishments, a cleaners store room.
  • Store Room to be a min. of 1800 x 1800 internally) for the storage of cleaning materials, cleaning equipment and reserve stock of paper products towels, toilet paper, etc.
  • Room to include a cleaners' sink,
  • open batten shelving for storage off the floor.
  • Mop and broom rack.
  • In addition in new buildings and in whole floor refurbishments, provide a cleaners' sink in a toilet on alternate floors where no cleaners' store is available.
  • Where not practicable provide a hosecock at an appropriate height under basins.

Broom Holder & Shelf

Broom Holder & ShelfSurface mounted shelf and bracket, 4 hooks and 3 broom holders
304 stainless steel finish. Holders with spring activated rubber cams
Code: 9933
t: 1300 364 561
- 1x per Cleaner room