Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property


General Selection Requirements

  • A Whole of Life assessment is to be considered in the selection of fixtures to ensure that the selected fixtures provide:
    • Value for Money
    • Fit for purpose
    • Long term durability and robustness
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Low VOC content
    • Compliance with BCA Fire Hazard Properties
    • Support sustainability by having recycling potential at the end of usable life, and/or include recycled content.
  • The selection of materials and finishes must be based on a knowledge of the activities to be conducted in the area.


  • Variations to the nominated fixtures may be necessary in particular designs due to planning considerations.
  • In these cases, the fixtures are to be approximately equivalent and must be approved by the project control group and MQU Building & Grounds Office.

Note that it is important to avoid use of floor surface finishes, which may be hazardous, uneven, or slippery whether wet or dry. In the choice of flooring materials give consideration to the need to protect building users from accidents and the University from claims. The principles within the NCC, AS.4586 & HB 197 are to be observed.

Preferred Material Selection

To ensure consistency, maintainability and durability across various areas of the campus the following are selection of materials is preferred.

  • Generally flooring is to be the University's standard carpet laid on underlay wall to wall.
  • Lunch rooms, tea rooms and similar wet areas are to have hard surfaces (sheet vinyl or approved equivalent). Vinyl in lunch rooms may be restricted to a panel in the vicinity of sink dishwasher etc.
  • Corridors adjacent to teaching rooms may be required to be a vinyl or other washable surface for ease of cleaning, with a sound absorbing backing where directed.
  • Wet laboratories to have hard floor surface (sheet vinyl or approved equivalent).
  • Toilets are to have semi-glazed ceramic tiled floors. (slip resistance to meet AS /HB 197recommendations).
  • Floors in cleaners' stores are to be hard floor finish graded to floor wastes.
  • Where required by regulations, or where directed, hard surfaces are to be laid to falls to a floor waste.
  • Ground level entry foyers of buildings and adjacent to stairs are to have hard flooring of vinyl, fully vitrified, ceramic tiles.
  • Include mats in floor recesses inside entrance doors, the full width of door opening.
  • All hard flooring is to be chosen to be non-slip, particularly at ground level entrances, stairs and where water is present. Refer to NCC/BCA for minimum slip resistance to general walkways and stairs. Glossy surfaces are to be avoided.
  • Hard floor surfaces are to have 150mm skirtings on walls.
  • Pavement outside all external doors is to slope away from the door.
  • All external entrance doors (but not necessarily doors not generally accessible eg. fire escape, external plant room doors), are to be protected from the effects of weather including driving rain.

The following table sets out the preferred floor materials based on the space functional requirements.

External Circulation AreasSlip resistant ConcreteGraded to falls for drainage
Internal Circulation AreasCP ‐ Carpet finish
May be material to match adjacent area.
Workspace / OfficeCP ‐ Carpet finish--Ducted Skirting to perimeter
Meeting Rooms / Seminar roomsCP ‐ Carpet finish--

Ducted Skirting to perimeter

Copy / Print Areas / Comms Rooms

Resilient Sheet flooring (Anti‐Static)

Ducted Skirting to perimeter

ToiletsImpact resistant & water proof (Semi Glazed Ceramic Tiles)Floor drained to Floor WasteFlooring turned up as Coved Skirting Min 150mm high
First Aid RoomsResilient Sheet flooring (Anti‐Static) OR CP – Carpet Finish
150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting
Tea Area / lunch roomsResilient Sheet flooring (Anti‐Static) & CP – Carpet Finish
150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting
Theatres / theatrettesCP ‐ Carpet finish.
Floor to be Tiered or Raked.

Resilient Sheet flooring (Anti‐Static)

-150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting
Lab Prep roomsResilient Sheet flooring (Anti‐Static)
150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting
Damp & Wet LaboratoryUltraFloor (Industrial sheet flooring)-Flooring turned up 150mm high as coved skirting
Damp & Wet Lab Prep rooms

UltraFloor (Industrial sheet flooring)

-Flooring turned up 150mm high as coved skirting
Chemical Store

CC ‐ Steel Trowelled Chemical Resistant Concrete Finish

Floor graded towards acid bayCoved skirting to walls and graded towards acid bay.


  • Concrete finish to be used in utilitarian spaces, as an easily maintained durable surface.
  • Concrete surface finish to suit the application,
  • Where used in internal store rooms apply a Steel trowel finish.
  • Where used on general walkways, stairs, ramps and landings the surface is Slip resistant,
  • Include contrasting colour nosing to stairs to meet NCC/BCA/AS1428.1 requirements. eg. silicon carbide and carborundum contrasting colour strips at nosings, preferably integral or applied if approved.


  • Carpet can be either Broadloom carpet or Carpet tiles
  • Generally flooring is to be the University's standard carpet laid on underlay wall to wall. This includes offices, teaching rooms and corridors, except where otherwise stated on room data sheets or as defined below.
  • To internal habitable spaces, except where other finishes are required, provide and fix CommercialHeavy Duty carpet
  • All Carpet to be Commercial Heavy Duty carpet to have the following:
    • Level Loop Pile carpet.
    • Minimum of 90% wool content
    • Commercial Heavy Duty Grading Contract grading 3 stars or more ( CHD +Stairs.)
    • Environmental Certification Scheme(Australian Carpet Classification Scheme) Level 4 Certification.
    • Pile Height 5mm (+-1mm)
    • Laid on underlay, except where on stairs or ramps, which may be double direct stick method may be used. "Stretched-in" installation.
    • Min 10 year written warranty against manufacturing defects, electrostatic propensity, excessive wear and dimensional stability
  • Generally Colour to be University standard. Alternative Colours may only be used as approved by MQP.
  • Non standard carpet may only be included on a project specific bases as defined within the Project Brief.

Preferred Carpet Supplier

Material Preferred Material Preferred Colour Preferred Suppliers
Carpet Netcorp range 40 oz– 60125.136.680 Burgundy (no longer available)
Other colours as approved by MQP.
Godfrey Hirst
Carpet Electra range – Emerald Glitz 103/242 Cavalier Bremworth
Carpet Danks range –48 oz 77/Amazon Westwools

Existing Carpet Schedule

The following table includes the schedule of existing carpet types and colours used in different buildings. Any minor works in these areas is to include carpet of the type and colour as listed below.


Existing Carpet Specification


Existing Carpet Specification


E14A (St. 1 & 2)

Godfrey Hirst Times Square "Regal Blue"

C2/C3/E1 Carpark

E14B (St. 3)


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba

E14C (St. 4)


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba



Cavalier Bremworth Rumba

F3A Carpark


Tuftmaster Solutions

F5A / F5B Carpark

C4C – (CC1 Cottage)

Ciranda 100-117

S11A (Parents Co-op)


Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita





Cavalier Bremworth Rumba

USH (University Student Housing)

C7A (Library)

Cavalier Bremworth Samba

W1/W2/C1 Carpark

C8A (Lincoln)

Cavalier Bremworth Rumba


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba

C9A (Market)


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba


W5B (Macquarie Theatre)

Tuftmaster Solutions

C10A (SAM)


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba

CHIRO (Eastwood)


Tuftmaster Solutions L1/3/4/5/6/7/8

CHIRO (Epping)


Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita




W10A (Gymnasium)


Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita

W11A (Lighthouse Theatre)


Cavalier Bremworth Rumba



Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita

W19A (Biological Conservation




Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita



Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita



Tuftmaster Solutions



Tuftmaster Solutions


Cavalier Bremworth Chimarrita


Cavalier Bremworth Electra Royal Jade


X6A (Banksia Cottage)

Tuftmaster Solutions 113

E12A (GSM St. 5)

Y4A (Printery)

E12B (St. 6)

Godfrey Hirst Times Square "Hunter Green"

Y6A (Purchasing Services)

Tuftmaster Solutions

E12C (St. 7)

Y6B (Storage Shed)

Carpet Tile Description

Carpet tiles are to have the following characteristics:

  • Tufted textured loop carpet tile.
  • Pile material: 100% Recycled type 6 nylon
  • Pile yarn weight: 882g/m2
  • Pile height: 3.5mm +/- 0.5mm.
  • Total thickness: 8.5mm +/- 0.3mm.
  • Tile size: 500 x 500mm.
  • Wear classification: Commercial extra heavy duty
  • Total recycled content: More than 35%
  • Dimensional stability: < 0.2% variation.
  • Warranty: Provide a 15 year written warranty against manufacturing defects, electrostatic propensity, excessive wear and dimensional stability.

Preferred Supplier

Material Preferred Material Preferred Suppliers
Carpet tile Interface carpet tile Urban Retreat One
Colour: As selected
Interface t: 1800 008 101


All Broadloom carpet is to be laid over Premium Commercial grade underlay with a minimum thickness of 9mm.

Underlay is to be made of Recyclable material and have a typical composition of 30% wool, 25% cotton, 30% synthetic fibre and 15% virgin polyester fibre.

Preferred Underlay Supplier
Material Preferred Material Preferred Suppliers
Underlay AirStep Step Eazy (8mm) Bridgestone Airstep
Underlay Airstep Premium Gold (8.5mm) Bridgestone Airstep

Airstep Cussion Pad (9mm)

Entry Floor Mats

Entry floor mats are to be included to building entries.

Entry Floor Mats are to have the following characteristics:

  • Be Robust and designed for high traffic areas,
  • To suite the individual location and conditions.
  • Incorporate a proprietary perimeter aluminium frame.
  • Be recessed into the floor to finish flush with the floor finish.
  • Have ribs to remove dirt and water, that meet the surface variation requirements of AS1428 series.

Preferred Underlay Supplier

Material Preferred Material Preferred Suppliers
Entry Floor Mat RolaDek Entrance Mat with Bristle Filament Tough Tiger Tread (12mm thick)
Recessed into floor with frame B installation type.
For external / internal use
Colour: as agreed with Project group
t: (02) 9627-5255
Entry Floor Mat Nuway Tuffguard, 12-17mm thick
Colour: Black for exterior use or
Colour as selected for internal use only.
Tel: 1300 786 585

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are to have the following Characteristics:

  • Be fully vitrified non-slip tiles are preferred.
  • Include Epoxy Grouted Joints in wet areas.
  • Provide at least the appropriate level of slip resistance as recommended by As HB197.

Floor tiles may be acceptable in main circulation spaces and stairs, subject to MQP approval, However quarry tiles have proved an unsatisfactory floor surface for corridors or galleries across which trolley traffic is expected.

Preferred Supplier

Material Preferred Suppliers
Floor Tiles (Wet areas) Johnson Waringa,
Colour: As Selected
Johnson Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

  • Include Semi-Glazed Ceramic Tiles to all amenities areas, including air locks, as indicated
  • Allow for expansion joints where they are located in structural elements.
  • Unglazed tiles are unacceptable

Preferred Supplier

Material Preferred Suppliers
Ceramic Tiles (wall) Johnson Glazed Rectified tiles
Colour: As Selected
Johnson Tiles

Resilient Floor Finishes/ Industrial Sheet Flooring

Include Resilient flooring and Industrial sheet flooring to rooms and spaces as listed,

  • All Resilient flooring is to be laid with welded joints.

Industrial sheet flooring is to be:

  • 2.0 – 2.5mm thick slip resistant industrial sheet flooring guaranteed to maintain characteristics for the full thickness and to nor require scrubbing
  • Oil and Grease resistant
  • Chemical Resistant to acids and alkalis. (Particular chemical to be used in Laboratory to be confirmed.)
  • Resistant and resilient to trolley traffic
  • Resistant to potential dropping of tools

Preferred Supplier

Material Preferred Material Preferred Suppliers
Resilient Floor Finish Marmoleum (Anti-Static) Forbo
Resilient Floor Finish Noraplan, Electrostatically Dissipative, 2mm thick rubber floor Geo Flooring
t: (02) 9960-4199
Resilient Floor Finish To Stairs & Landings Comcork - homogenous resilient floor Safety Floorings
t: (02) 9987-1777
Tactile Ground Surface indicators in sheet flooring Comcork Tactile in Hazard or Warning to AS1428.4 Comcork
Tactile Ground Surface indicators in Carpet areas Comcork Tactile in Hazard or Warning to AS1428.4 Comcork
Industrial Sheet flooring Chemical Resistant Industrial sheet flooring Forbo

Timber/ Parquetry

[no available content]

Steel Trowelled Non-Slip Cement

Steel-trowelled non-slip cement finish generally to chemical stores and is to be sealed to provide a chemical resistant floor finish.