Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property
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Construction Works Noise


Noise and sound transfer are important factors in the establishing of high quality functional spaces for the delivering of education across the university campus.

Construction Works on Existing Campus

 The university campus continues to function throughout the year.

  • Any new construction in close proximity to existing functioning areas is to be undertaken in a way so as to maintain continuing building operation and limit impact on the continuing functions, with respect to both noise and services.
  • Any construction works to existing buildings is to be designed and undertaken so as to limit the impact on the existing and continuing functions of adjacent areas of the building, particularly with respect to noise and services interruption.

Acoustics Design Guidelines

Refer to the Acoustics section under Components Specs for the Acoustics Performance Standards, outlining details on the method of determining the appropriate acoustic performance if internal spaces and acoustic separation that is required between spaces for all areas of the university campus.

The NCC/BCA also requires Acoustic separation between various spaces and these minimum requirements are to be met or exceeded.