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Bushfire Zone Planning

Bushfire Assessment

Parts of the existing Macquarie University Campus are within identified and designated Bush Fire Prone area.

Designated bushfire prone area means land that:

  • Has been designated under legislation; or
  • Has been identified under an environmental planning instrument, development control plan or in the course of processing and determining a development application.

Refer to Ryde Council Bush Fire Prone Areas page and Land Map (below).

Under NSW planning legislation any development on bush fire prone land must be accompanied by a Bush Fire Assessment Report demonstrating compliance with the aim and objectives of Planning for Bush Fire Protection and the specific objectives and performance criteria for the land use proposed.

A Bushfire Assessment Report is to be prepared by an appropriately qualified consultant for any new buildings on the campus.

The Report is to include:

  • A review of the vegetation in the area around the proposed building site.
  • a site risk assessment
  • have recommendations for building design showing compliance with AS 3959 - Building in a Bushfire Prone Areas.

Refer to Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006(NSW Rural Fire Service + Planning NSW)

Bushfire Assessment