Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property

Cleaners store

Space description

Room to provide space for storage of equipment and products for general cleaning and maintenance purposes.  These space typically require water and a cleaner's sink, as well as racking storage for tools

Example Spaces

A typical cleaners room on campus will be approximately 4-6sqm in area and have a layout similar to the following (as a guide):



To be accessed from general circulation areas.

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Site factors - Locate room adjoining a central circulation space so that the room can service many spaces without interruption.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - To suit equipment layout
Area - Nominally 4 to 6m2- Room size and layout to be adequate for cleaner's trolley access and stow.
Other - Minimum of one cleaners room per building.

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Building fabric

Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Impact resistant walls to 2100mm above FFL.
Wall Finish - Water resistant finish required to 2100mm above FFL.
- Washable vinyl or tiles to 1500mm above FFL
Other - Coved skirting to perimeter

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Floor Finishes - Impact resistant & water proof
- Vinyl preferred
- Non-slip
Other - Flooring turned up as Coved Skirting Min 150mm high
Floor Waste- Floor drained to Floor Waste

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Ceiling Finishes - Water and impact resistant finish required
Ceiling Heights - Minimum of 2100mm above FFL
Ceiling Selection - Flush ceiling required
Acoustic Ceilings - Not required

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are not required for this space.
Observation Windows - Not required
Visual Privacy - Visual privacy is required from other spaces.
Other - When windows provided they must have obscure glazing and security Grills.

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Doors Type - Solid core entry door
Door Function - Entry door lockable.
- Door to be wide enough for cleaners trolley access.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - To suit building specs.
Door Hardware Lock type
Store room lock
Keying / locking
Keyed to Differ (KD)
Master keying
Master keyed - Maintenance Services
Other- Protection plate to 900mm above FFL.

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General Design Principles - Design and layout of room is to suit functionality with respect to the area served.
Sanitary Fixtures - Hand wash basin required
- Cleaners sink required
Other Fixtures - Detergent/chemical mixer dispenser
- Paper/hand towell dispenser
- Hooks on mounting plate or racking for brooms, mops, etc
- Shelving for storage of consumables - heavy duty

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General Design Principles - Design for cleaner's trolley access through room. 
Recommended Furniture Selection - Nominal trolley product: Rubbermaid 9T72 High capacity cleaning cart.

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Fixed Furniture

Pinboards - Small pinboard for cleaners data and info sheets

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Design Principles - Door signage - Number Sequential within block Ie. "CLEANER'S ROOM"

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Security type / group D
Refer to Design Standard
CCTV Not Required
Access control Not Required
Intruder detection Not Required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise emittance - Low
Room to room - Minimise noise to adjoining work points, teaching spaces, or student spaces.

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Natural ventilation - Desirable but not required
Supply air - Make Up Air
Exhaust - Provide Exhaust as required by regulations - General Exhaust
Controls - As per building controls, no local control required for temperature.
- Local control for exhaust may be required - time switch or similar.

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Mechanical cooling - Unconditioned Space
Mechanical heating - Unconditioned Space

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Potable cold water - Cold Water to all sanitary fixtures required.
- Cold water to hosecock where supplied.
Potable hot / warm water - Required to cleaners sink and hand wash basin

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Sanitary drainage - Connection to all sanitary fixtures
Trade waste - Not Required
Other - Floor waste required in room to fall

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Fire protection

Fire detection To Code Requirements
Fire suppression To Code Requirements
EWIS To Code Requirements
Portable fire equipment To Code Requirements
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels - 160 lux
- To code requirements
Lighting controls Managed by BMS
- Auto off after 20 minutes
- Movement sensor
- Manual override

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Type - All GPO's to be IP rated and mounted at 1350mm above FFL or higher
- Standard 10A power required - Refer to Electrical Design Standard
Quantity - Minimum 1 double GPO

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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