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IT comms. space

Space description

This is a separate room for the positioning of equipment which is part of the campus wide Data & Communications systems.

A Comms room (or Server room) is a conditioned room devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers. An entire building or larger space devoted to this purpose is a data center.

The computers in comms rooms are usually headless systems that can be operated remotely by MQ IT via remote administration.

Climate is one of the factors that affects the energy consumption and environmental impact of a comms room.


This space is to be located at critical connection points for the Comms/Data networking systems.The room is to be accessible from outside of faculty or department areas, for independent maintenance and servicing.

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Site factors - Locate comms rooms in centrally accessible location
- Maximum desirable cable run from comms room to termination point is 90m.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - To suit equipment layout (allow for 2 comms cabinets). Min 1m clear around equipment
Design occupancy - Min 10m2 for two comms racks
Area - Nominal provision of 0.15m2 per staff member
- Minimum 1 Comms rack per 100 staff spaces or 400 students
Other - Minimum of 1 room per 1000m2 of office area and one room per floor.

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Building fabric

Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Not required
Fire Rating - Non Combustible
Wall Finish - Painted finish to suit surrounding spaces

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Preferred Material Selection - Vinyl flooring preferred.
Resilient Floor Finishes - Marmoleum (Anti-Static)
Other - Ducted Skirting to perimeter

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Ceiling Heights - Minimum 2.4m ceiling height
Ceiling Selection - To designer's specification
Acoustic Ceilings - Flush Impact Resistant Ceiling
Non Combustible / Fire Rated- Non-Combustable

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are not required for this space.
Glazing - Internal glazing is not desirable.
Visual Privacy - Visual privacy is required from other spaces.
Other - When windows are provided they must have obscure glazing and security Grills.

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Doors Type - Entry Door Solid Core
Door Function - Entry Door Lockable.
- Default to locked state.
Door Hardware Lock type
Keying / locking
Keyed to Differ (KD)
Master keying
Master keyed - Plant Room
University Swipe Card Access

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General Design Principles - Room layout to be determined based upon access to comms racks.
Other- Two Comms Racks, refer to Cabling Standard

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Window Coverings

Blinds - Provide blinds where windows receive direct sunlight

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Door Signage- Number sequential within block and title "COMMS ROOM"

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Security type / group - Maintenance and IT access only
CCTV - Not required in room.
Access control - Swipe or key access
Intruder detection - Not required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise emittance Low - Medium
Room to room - Room to Room Acoustics should be reduced
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered

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Natural ventilation Natural Ventilation Not Required
Supply air - Supplemental air conditioning may be required pending size and amount of equipment.  MQ IT to spec.
Exhaust - Provide Exhaust as required by regulations.
Controls - Localised controls for temperature where supplementary ventilation is fitted.

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Mechanical cooling - Air Conditioning
Mechanical heating - Heating not required
Controls - Localised controls to room where supplementary AC is fitted.

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Fire protection

Fire detection - Fire detection/alarms to comply with NCC.
Fire suppression - As required by regulations
Portable fire equipment PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER
Extinguisher loated outside Entry Door.

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Lighting / lux levels - 500 lux at 1m above Floor.
Lighting controls Managed by BMS
- Auto off after 20 minutes
- Motion sensors
- Manual overide
- Switching in room
Other - Position lighting to suit comms racking

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Type - GPO's as required to suit equipment.
Quantity - Typically 3 Double GPO's required
Other - Power on Ducted Skirting Cable management to be considered.
- Connection for UPS

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Communication / AV

Voice - Phone connection in room
Data - Multiple double data points required
WAP - Wireless access to entire floor required

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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