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Plant Room

A plant room is a room or space in a building dedicated to the mechanical equipment and its associated electrical equipment, as opposed to rooms intended for human occupancy or storage.

Plant rooms typically house the following equipment:

    - Air handlers
    - Boilers
    - Chillers
    - Heat exchangers
    - Water heaters and tanks
    - Water pumps (for domestic, heating/cooling, and firefighting water)
    - Main distribution piping and valves
    - Sprinkler distribution piping and pumps
    - Back-up electrical generators
    - Elevator machinery
    - Other HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) equipment

Equipment in plant rooms is monitered by the BMCS (Building Management and Control System) and administered by staff from Property.

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Site factors - Ensure ease of access for maintenance and/or replacement of equipment is addressed in locating new plant rooms.
- Consider future expansion possibilities when locating and sizing plant rooms.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Allow 800mm minimum circulation width through plant room space - 1m preferred.
- Consider equipment and parts replacement when planning circulation zones.
Other - Allow for a minimum of 20% additional space on boards and in cabinets for equipment expansion.

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Building fabric


General - To suit overall building fabric.
- Consider ventilation requirements to plant rooms.
Design principles - Provide appropriate protection for plant equipment.
- Provide appropriate amenity for service technicians.
Materials & finishes - Louvred facades are generally acceptable.

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General - Required where plant room is exposed and equipment is not recommended for external placement.
- Light weight roof to designer's specification. 

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External Walls

General - Louvred or naturally ventilated facade preferred.
- Screening devices to be used where plant is externally located and in public view. 

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Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Ensure walls are durable enough to withstand minor impacts with tools and equipment. 
Fire Rating - To suit overall building design.
Wall Finish - Unfinished walls are acceptable.
- Painted finish preferred.

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General Selection Requirements - Floors are to be low maintenance finish and comply with slip resistance standards.
Variations -
Preferred Material Selection - Painted and/or sealed concrete preferred
- Preferred colour: Taubmans Stone Age
Concrete - Painted or sealed concrete finish.
Entry Floor Mats -
Resilient Floor Finishes - Floor to be spill resistant.
Other -

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Ceiling Finishes - Unfinished concrete acceptable
Ceiling Heights - To suit equipment.
Non Combustible / Fire Rated- Non combustible ceiling linings are required

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Window Selection Requirements - Louvred or ventilated facades are preferred.
Glazing - Glazing not required.
Visual Privacy - Equipment to be concealed from public view.

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Doors Type - Louvre doors where external
Door Function - Lockable - swipe access preferred.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - Fire rated / acoustic doors as required.
- Fire rated door if required to BCA requirements
Frame Type - Steel or aluminium framed
Door Hardware Lock type
Storeroom lock
Keying / locking

Master keying

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General Design Principles - Maintain 2100mm above FFL below elevated plant equipment.

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Design Principles -
Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -
Door Signage- Number Sequential within block
- Title on entry door "PLANT ROOM"

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Security type / group - Maintenance access only.
CCTV - Not required by default
Access control - Swipe access preferred
Intruder detection -Not required
Keying - Refer to Doors

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Noise level - Acoustic attenuation required when in proximity to teaching or office spaces.
Noise emittance - Consider noise emittance when plant room is adjacent or near to a teaching or office spaces.
Room to room - Minimise sound transmission to adjoining spaces.

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Natural ventilation - Preferred.  Plant rooms require constant ventilation.
Supply air - Natural/passive preferred.
Exhaust - Required in plant rooms where equipment generates heat.
Controls - Localised and via BMS.

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Mechanical cooling - Unconditioned space.
Mechanical heating - Unconditioned space.

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Potable cold water - Hose connection required for cleaners and technicians.
Potable hot / warm water - Not required.

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Sanitary drainage - Floor waste required.
- Drain to taps for hose connection.

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Fire protection

Fire detection - To designer's specification
Fire suppression - Not required
EWIS - Not required
Portable fire equipment -To designer's specification
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels - Min 150 lux required 
Lighting controls - Switch on wall near entry door
- Auto-off after 1 hour
- Manual override

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Type - DGPO required for cleaning and maintenance staff
Quantity - Min of 1 x DGPO per plant room.
- Larger plant rooms may require additional DGPO's
Other - Power to plant equipment to designer's specification.

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Communication / AV

Voice - Not required
Data - Min 2 data ports required per plant room.
  - 1 port for equipment monitoring
  - 1 port for test point.

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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