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Waste and Recycling Bin Enclosure

Space description

Designed as space for the storage or waste and materials to be recycled.


Space to be accessible from adjacent driveway or maintenance access road for waste removal vehicle.

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Site factors - Must have loading access adjacent or nearby
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Designed to suit waste storage receptacles
Area - As required to suit storage and access
Other - Designed as recommended by NSW EPA - Better Practice Guidelines for Waste Management and Recycling in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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Building fabric


Design principles - Design space for durability.
- Provide for use of and access for 240L wheelie bins.
Materials & finishes - Hard wearing finishes required.
- Hose-down cleaning to internal and external finishes may be required.

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Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Impact and Water Resistant
Wall Finish - Bump rails as required.
- Walls to withstand wash down and cleaning with high pressure hoses.

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Resilient Floor Finishes - Steel Trowelled Finished Concrete
Other - Floor designed to enable hosing out of floor through external door.
- Falls to floor waste of bin wash area.

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Ceiling Finishes - No finish required
Ceiling Heights - Min 2100mm above FFL
Other- Ceiling not required, refer to project brief.

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Window Selection Requirements - Openings desirable - unglazed or ventable preferred.
Glazing - Glazing to
Observation Windows -
Visual Privacy -
Window Furniture -
Other -

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Doors Type - Gate or door minimum opening width 1.2m
Door Function - Lockable

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Sanitary Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures - Hose cock for bin washing
Drainage - Floor waste as required

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Security type / group - Unsecured space
CCTV - To periphery, if specified by MQ Security
Access control - Swipe or key lock to main door/gate
Intruder detection - Not required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Natural ventilation - Natural ventilation and cross ventilation required.
Supply air - Spill air where no natural ventilation is possible.
Exhaust - Required where no natural ventilation is possible.
Controls - Controls via BMS.

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Mechanical cooling - Unconditioned space
Mechanical heating - Unconditioned space

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Other - Hose cock for bin wasing

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Sanitary drainage - Floor waste as required

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Lighting / lux levels - 150 lux required.
Lighting controls - Switch near door.
- Timed switch suitable.
Other -

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Type - IP rated 10A outlet for maintenance.
Quantity - 1 x DGPO at 1350mm above FFL.

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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