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Chemical Store

Space description

The Chemical Store Room is dedicated to the storage of chemicals used within damp and wet teaching laboratories, and also various research laboratories.
The room includes shelving units and cabinetry for storage of vessels of various sizes, as well as specialised cabinets for storage of flammable and dangerous goods.

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Site factors - Connections to Lab preparation areas desirable.
- Connections to building loading zone desirable.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Size and shape of space to be commensurate with size and number of lab spaces served by the storage room.
Design occupancy - No occupants.
Area - Nominal 12m2 minimum.
Other - Designed to suit regulations around storage of checmicals, flammables, and dangerous goods, as required.
- Type and quanitity of all stored materials to be considered in design and planning phases.
- 5m maximum distance from farthest corner of room to entry door.

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Building fabric

Internal Walls

Fire Rating - FRL 120/120/120
Wall Finish - Finish to satisfy fire rating and resitance requirements.
- Finish colours to be commensurate with adjoining spaces where appropriate.
Other - Corrosion resistant masonry walls to acid bay.

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General Selection Requirements - All finishes to be suitable to quantity and type of chemicals and goods stored within.
Variations - Chemical resistant sealed concrete.
Preferred Material Selection - Chemical resistant vinyl flooring.
Resilient Floor Finishes

- Steel trowelled chemical resistant concrete finish with coved skirting to walls and graded towards acid bay.

Other -

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Ceiling Finishes - Chemical and flame resistant finish.
Ceiling Heights - Min of 2400mm above FFL.
Ceiling Selection - To designer's specification.
Acoustic Ceilings - Not required
Resistance- Chemical and flame resistant ceiling.
Non Combustible / Fire Rated- Fire rated ceiling FRL 120/120/120 or walls to extend to roof level

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are not required for this space.
- Observation glazing may be suitable where appropriate.
Glazing - Observation glazing to be frosted.
Visual Privacy - Visual privacy is required from other spaces.
Window Furniture - Chemical resistant framing desirable.
Other - When windows provided they must have obscure glazing and security grills.

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Doors Type - Outward opening fire rated door.
Door Function - Entry door lockable.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - Fire rated door (FRL --/120/30).
Frame Type - Fire rated steel frame
Glazing - Vision panel may be appropriate, to suit fire rating.
Door Hardware Lock type
- Key lock preferred.
Keying / locking
- Keyed to Differ (KD)
Master keying
- Master keyed - Stores (ST)

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General Design Principles - All shelving is not to be fixed, refer to 'Furniture' 

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Sanitary Fixtures

- -
- -

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General Design Principles - Provide shelving and cabinetry to maximise storage available.
- Provide a range of shelf/cabinet storage types and sizes to suit user requirements.
- Provide 600mm wide desk space for manifest where requested by users.
Recommended Furniture Selection - All furniture to be adjustable and relocatable.
- Furniture finishes to be chemical resistant.
Other- No seating required.

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Fixed Furniture

Door Entry Mats -
Whiteboards -
Pinboards -
Notice Boards -

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Design Principles - Signage to indicate presence of hazardous materials as required by regulations.
Room SignageSafety Signage
- Hazard danger sign "ACID", above or adjacent Acid Bay.
- Prohibition sign "No Smoking" symbol, in a conspicuous position.
- Hazard danger sign "HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS" on the exterior of door.
- Hazardous Materials sign "FLAMMABLE LIQUID" - class as required, on the exterior of door.
Door SignageDoor signage to read: "CHEMICAL STORE"

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Security type / group - Lab staff access only.
CCTV - Not required within space.
Access control - Swipe or key lock.
Intruder detection - Not required.
Keying Refer to Doors

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Natural ventilation - Not required.
Supply air - To mechanical designer's specification.
Exhaust - High & low level exhaust
Controls - Controlled via BMS

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Mechanical cooling - To mechanical designer's specification.
Mechanical heating - Not required.
Controls - Controlled via BMS.
Other -

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Potable cold water - Required to 1 x hose cock in space
Potable hot / warm water - Not required
Non-potable water - Not required

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Trade waste - 1 trade waste drainage outlet
Other  - Trade waste drainage to dilution pit.

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Fire protection

Fire detection - Heat / smoke detection
Fire suppression - As required by regulations
EWIS - Not required in this space, but may be required as part of floor / building solution.
Portable fire equipment - Portable fire extinguisher and fire blanket are required. May be located outside room, adjacent to door.

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Lighting / lux levels - 160 lux
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS
- Auto off after 20 minutes
- Movement sensor
- Manual override via switch in room or just outside room.

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- All GPO's to be IP rated and mounted at 1350mm above FFL or higher
- Standard 10A power required - Refer to Electrical Design Standard

Quantity - Min 1 x DGPO for cleaner

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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