Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property

Science / Engineering CAD Room

Space description

CAD rooms are designed as spaces where users can work on computer based design tools and may be used in a number of formats:

  • engineering education content delivery,
  • interactive learning activities, and
  • study space to augment activities in nearby engineering workshops or labs.


This space is to be located adjacent to student / circulation zones and should be colocated with workshop or laboratory spaces associated with the CAD work.

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Site factors - Locate near related labs and/or workshops.
- Locate off circulation zone.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Primary function is use of CAD computer stations.
- Room layout to suit desired furniture layout.
- May serve single or multiple laboratories
Design occupancy - Typically from 4 to 30 stations, depending on load requirements.
- Stations can be paired (2 users per station) if wider desk is provided.
Area - 10m2 min. (4 users)

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Building fabric

Internal Walls

General - Walls to be suitable for computer desks and task chairs
Wall Finish - Plasterboard wall finish (painted Shoji White)
Other -

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Preferred Material Selection - Marmoleum (Anti-Static)
Variations - Carpet tiles may be accceptable when CAD room does not directly adjoin a workshop or lab space.
Other - 150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting

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Ceiling Selection - Painted set plasterboard ceiling, or tiled grid system
Ceiling Heights - Nominal min. 2700mm above FFL.
Acoustic Ceilings - Gridded acoustic tile ceiling Ecophon acoustic in white 
NRC: 0.6 - 0.8 absorptive ceiling
Non Combustible / Fire Rated- Non combustible ceiling linings are required

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Window Selection Requirements - External windows are not required for this space.
Glazing - Glazing between corridor/circulation zone where suitable.
Observation Windows - Windows to adjacent Laboratory and/or Robot test room for observation between 1200mm and 2100mm
Visual Privacy - Frosting to corridor/circulation zone as required by users.
Window Furniture - Blinds to external windows to minimise glare on computer screens as required.
Other - When windows provided they must have obscure glazing and security Grills.

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Doors Type - Doors to Robot test room and laboratory to be solid core with half glazing panel
Door Function - Entry door is to be lockable.
Glazing - Half glazed entry door.
Door Hardware Lock type
Keying / lockingKeyed alike - Science Learning (Sc)
Master keying
Master keyed - Learning Spaces(LS)

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General Design Principles - Desks for CAD station computers required throughout.
- Task chairs suitable for computer based work of up to 4 hours.
Desk Selection - For single occupant CAD stations: 1200-1600mm wide desks
- For dual occupant CAD stations: 1600-1800mm wide desks
- White melamine finish preferred.
Chair Selection- Ergonomic task chair suitable for medium term (up to 4 hours) seated tasks.

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General Design Principles -
Handrails & Balustrades -

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Window Coverings

Blinds - Blinds may be suitable to external windows where glare on computer screens may be an issue.

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Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -
Door Signage- Number Sequential within block Ie. "CAD ROOM"
Other- 'No food and drink' signs inside room.

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Security type / group C
CCTV - Required in room or to cover entry door to room.
Access control - Swipe access required.
Intruder detection - Not required.
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise level - Low.
Noise emittance - Low - Limited internal noise emittance
Room to room - Room to room acoustics should be reduced where possible
- Minimise disruption to CAD room from adjoining lab and workshop spaces.
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered

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Natural ventilation - Not desirable.
Supply air - Conditioned air.
Exhaust - Provide Exhaust as required by regulations
Controls - Via BMS.
Other- Additional exhaust as required for specific equipment

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Mechanical cooling - Air conditioning
Mechanical heating - Heating via HVAC system.
Controls - Controlled via BMS.
- Set points adjustable within room.
Other - Mechanical system to allow for heat generated by equipment.

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Fire protection

Fire detection - Smoke detection & EWIS
Fire suppression - Fire hose reel to code requirements.
EWIS - To code requirements.
Portable fire equipment - Portable fire extinguisher / blanket to be located near entry door.
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS
- Movement sensors to open plan perimeter areas
- Movement sensors to single/shared offices
- Manual overrides
Other - Recessed / Flush mounted  Sealed LED light fittings
LightingBrownout- Brownout and blackout of room is required
Other- Anti glare blinds to external windows

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Type - GPO Points to suit equipment.
- Ducted skirting reticulation.
Quantity - Min. 2 DGPO's per CAD station
Other -

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Communication / AV

Voice - Wall phone required near entry door.
Data - Min. 2 data ports per CAD station.
- Ducted skirting reticulation.
WAP - Wireless access point to all of room.
- Data to CAD benches
Other -

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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