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Science / Engineering Teaching Lab - Dry

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Site factors -
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements Room Proportion to suite correct layout of Furniture
Design occupancy -
Area 140 m2 for 50 students
Other Designed as a laboratory, to the Laboratory Code (PC-1)

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Building fabric


General -
Design principles -
Materials & finishes -
Proprietary items -

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Materials & Finishes

- -
- -
- -

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- -
- -

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External Walls

- -
- -
- -

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Internal Walls

Impact Resistance -
Fire Rating -
Wall Finish Standard Gyrock - Shoji White (Dulux) - Low VOC Paint.
Maximise Cork pinboard finish from 900mm to 2100mm to front and rear wall.
450mm high splashback above benches and sinks (except where glazing is within the zone)
Other -

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General Selection Requirements -
Variations -
Preferred Material Selection -
Concrete -
Carpet -
Entry Floor Mats -
Floor Tiles -
Ceramic Tiles -
Resilient Floor Finishes Marmoleum (Anti-Static)
Other 150mm high Feather edge black vinyl skirting

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Underfloor Ventilation

- -
- -
- -

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Ceiling Finishes -
Ceiling Heights -
Ceiling Selection -
Acoustic Ceilings NRC: > 0.85 Highly Absorptive Ceiling
Non Combustible CeilingsNon combustible ceiling linings are required

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Window Selection Requirements Windows are required for this space.
Glazing -
Observation Windows Windows between access corridor and Lab for observation between 1200mm and 2100mm
Visual Privacy -
Window Furniture -
Other Observation window to preparation, where possible, 900mm wide, from 1.2m to door Height(2.1m)
Double sided fume cupboard opening to Laboratory and Preparation.(first laboratory only). other laboratories to have single sided fume cupboards.
Maximise External glazing with sill height 1.2m
Adjustable openings min 7% of the floor area for ventilation.
Locable, natural light prefered Blackouts. Internal windows preferred for OBS.

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Doors Type External Door Solid Core,
Door between Laboratory and Preparation Solid Core with glazing panel
Internal Half Glazed doors to adjacent areas.
Entry Door to be auto open with Cardex Security.
Door Function -
Fire / Acoustic Rated -
Frame Type -
Glazing Glazed panel to door to Preparation room, 125mm wide by 600mm high with sill at 1200mm
Door Hardware Lock type
Keying / locking
Keyed alike - Science Learning (Sc)
Master keying
Master keyed - Learning Spaces (LS)

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General Design Principles -
Amenities Fixtures -
Amenities for Mobility Impaired Persons -
Lecture Theatre Furniture & Fittings -
Cleaners Room & Store -

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Sanitary Fixtures

- -
- -

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General Design Principles -
Recommended Furniture Selection -
Desk & Chair Selection KPD lab bench - chemical resist laminex (Oyster Grey)
Seating - Project specification
OtherHWB only - Caroma + Enware tapware & Bottle trap
Storage - System 7 underbench stage (Wedgewood Powdercoat)
White colourback glass Whiteboards-
Fume Cupboard -

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Fixed Furniture

Door Entry Mats -
Whiteboards -
Pinboards -
Notice Boards -
Projection Screens -
Kitchen & Tea Room Equipment -
Lecterns -
Standard AVTS Digital Lecterns -
Fume Cupboards -

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General Design Principles -
Handrails & Balustrades -

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Window Coverings

Blinds -
Curtains -
External Awnings -

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Design Principles -
Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -
Room SignageMandatory signs "EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of Laboratory in a conspicuous position.
Mandatory signs "ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of Laboratory in a conspicuous position.
Emergency sign (red background) "EMERGENCY STOP", above the Master Control keyed switch and emergency stop for Power, in a conspicuous position.
Emergency sign (green background) "MASTER CONTROL", above or near to the Master Control for gas and water in a conspicuous position.
Emergency sign (green background) "SAFETY SHOWER AND EYE WASH", above the safety shower in a conspicuous position.
Door SignageNumber Sequential within block Ie. "SCIENCE/ENGINEERING LAB"

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Security type / group A
Access control -
Intruder detection -
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise level -
Noise emittance -
Room to room -
Room acoustics -

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Natural ventilation -
Supply air -
Exhaust -
Controls -

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Mechanical cooling -
Mechanical heating -
Controls -
Other -

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Portable cold water -
Portable hot / warm water -
Non-portable water -
Other -

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Sanitary drainage -
Trade waste -
Other -

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N gas -
M gas -
Other -

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Fire protection

Fire detection -
Fire suppression -
Portable fire equipment -
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels -
Lighting controls -
Other -

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Type -
Quantity -
Other -

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Communication / AV

Voice -
Data -
AV type -
Other -

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Vertical transport

Stairs -
Lifts / escalators -
Materials hoists / other -

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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