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Teaching lab - damp

Space description

The Damp Laboratory is a specifically designed space for practical teaching and learning of various sciences, including;

  • Electronics / Mechatronics
  • Engineering
  • Computing (Hardware)
  • Robotics (with extra spaces as noted)
  • Materials Science
  • Biology / Molecular

Damp labs generally will have plumbing services (water & gas) to the perimeter benching and hand basin located next to the entry door.


The Damp Laboratory is to have direct access to an adjacent Preparation & Store Room/Rooms or other specific areas based on the specific science teaching to be undertaken.

Teaching lab - damp diagram

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Site factors - Location of existing services to be considered.
- Shared lab services such as RO water and gas connections to be considered.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Room proportion to suite correct layout of furniture
- Access to adjacent Preparation room.
Design occupancy - For up to 50 Students
Area - Allow approximately 140m2 for 50 students
Other - Designed as a laboratory, to the Laboratory Code (PC1)

More information about Planning

Building fabric

Internal Walls

Impact Resistance

- Standard Plasterboard Wall finish (painted Shoji White)

- Impact resistant plaster board where required

Wall Fixtures

- Fabric pinboard finish from 900mm to 2100mm where required.

- Magnetic or glass white boards from 900mm to 2100mm where required

Other - Splashback behind basin to 1200mm
- Splashback above benches 450mm high (except where window are located)

More information about Internal Walls


General Selection Requirements - Floor finish to be suitable for wet areas.
Preferred Material Selection

- Altroflor Industrial sheet flooring (preferred), colour: fog

- Marmoleum (Anti-Static)

Other - Flooring turned up 150mm high as coved skirting

More information about Floors


Ceiling Finishes - Non combustible ceiling linings are required
Ceiling Heights - Min. 2400mm above FFL
Ceiling Selection

- Grid ceiling preferred.

- Grid ceilings under plant equipment

Acoustic Ceilings - Gridded acoustic tile ceiling Ecophon Acoustic in white, or similar.
Non Combustible / Fire Rated- Non combustible ceiling linings are required

More information about Ceilings



Window Selection Requirements - External Windows are desirable for this space.
- Maximise external glazing with sill height 1.2m.
Glazing -
Observation Windows - Windows between access corridor and Lab for observation between 1200mm and 2100mm are required.
Visual Privacy - Frosting as required.
Window Furniture - Blinds to external glazing - brown out capability.
Other - Observation window to preparation, where possible, 900mm wide, from 1.2m to door Height (2.1m)
-  Adjustable openings min 7% of the floor area for ventilation.

More information about Windows


Doors Type - External door solid core.
- Entry door to be min. 1.5 leaf solid core with vision panel, with min. 900mm clear opening.
- Door between Laboratory and Preparation to be solid core with vision panel.
- Internal half glazed doors to adjacent areas.
Door Function - Entry door to be auto opening with Cardex Swipe to outside and leaver exit handle internal.
- Internal door open push button optional. 
Glazing - Glazed panels to Preparation room, 125mm wide by 600mm high with sill at 1200mm
Door Hardware Lock type
- Electronic.
Keying / locking
- Cardax External swipe for auto opening.
- Keyed alike - Science Learning (Sc)
Master keying
- Master keyed - Learning Spaces (LS)

More information about Doors



General Design Principles - Provision space for wet activities though perimiter and general dry lab style activities through the central areas.
Amenities for Mobility Impaired Persons - To be determined through design process and risk analysis for building/floor/lab.
- Allowances for accessible height benches, sinks, and fume cupboards to be considered.
OtherLaboratory sinks to perimeter at one per 4 occupants.

More information about Fixtures

Sanitary Fixtures

Lab Fixtures - Stainless Steel Lab sinks to perimeter beches.
Safety Fixtures - Caroma Hand Basin with Enware Taps Adjacent to Entry Door.

More information about Sanitary Fixtures



General Design Principles - Provision space for wet activities though perimiter and general dry lab style activities through the central areas.
Recommended Furniture Selection - HWB only - Caroma + Enware tapware & Bottle trap
- Storage - System 7 underbench stage (Wedgewood Powdercoat)
- Whiteboards or writeable glass surfaces as required.
Desk & Chair Selection - KPD lab bench - Chemform top.
- Seating - to project specification.
Other- Fume Cupboards - if required by users.

More information about Furniture

Fixed Furniture

Door Entry Mats - As required by containment rating of lab (if any).
Whiteboards - Magnetic or glass white boards from 900mm to 2100mm where required.
Pinboards - Fabric pinboard finish from 900mm to 2100mm where required.
Projection Screens - As required by teaching staff.  To AVTS spec.
Lecterns - As required by teaching staff.  To AVTS spec.
Standard AVTS Digital Lecterns - As required by teaching staff.  To AVTS spec.
Fume Cupboards - Where required by end users / faculty.
- Refer to MQ Fume Cupboard Standard.

More information about Fixed Furniture



General Design Principles -
Handrails & Balustrades -

More information about Fittings

Window Coverings

Blinds - To external windows where required - brown out capability.

More information about Window Coverings


Signs General- "EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of laboratory.
- "ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of laboratory.
- "EMERGENCY STOP", above emergency stop near door.
Door SignageNumber Sequential within block Ie. "SCIENCE/ENGINEERING LAB"
Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -

More information about Signage



Security type / group - A (Typical Teaching)
CCTV - Not required in lab.
Access control - Swipe access required.
Intruder detection - Not required
Keying - Refer to Doors

More information about Security



Noise level - Noise level within space should be considered
Noise emittance - Low internal noise emittance
Room to room - Room to room acoustics should be considered
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered

More information about Acoustics



Natural ventilation - Natural Ventilation as redundancy for mechanical - minimum 7% of floor area.
Supply air - To suit overall building system.
- Positive/negative pressure requirements to be considered during design process.
Exhaust - Provide local exhaust when soldering undertaken.
- Exhaust required for fume cupboards.
Controls - Controlled via BMS.
Other- Additional exhaust as required for specific equipment items.

More information about Ventilation


Mechanical cooling - Air conditioning
Mechanical heating - Provide heating to MQ standard
- Humidity - less than 60%
- Minimum/maximum temperatures - project Specific
Controls - Localised temperature set points in room.
- Humidity set points in room where required by lab funciton.
- All other conditioning controls via BMS.
Other - Monitoring via BMS.

More information about Conditioning


Potable cold water - Required for 1 x hand basin, perimeter lab sinks, and safety showers.
Potable hot / warm water - Warm water to perimeter lab sinks and benches where required.
Non-potable water - As required for users.
Other - RO and/or Milli-Q as required by users/faculty.
- All outlets to be labelled accordingly.
- All labs where chemicals are use require a Safety shower and Eye wash, supplied by potable cold water.

More information about Water


Sanitary drainage - Connection to one Handbasin at door. Include Bottle Trap
- Connection to lab sinks to perimeter benches of room.
- Eye wash to drain to plumbed waste line.
- Safety shower is not to be plumbed to waste line.
Trade waste - All drainage pipework to be HDPE
Other - No floor waste to be installed in to Wet or Damp labs.
- When dry ice is to be used sinks must be Stainless steel.

More information about Drainage


Gas- 2 double Gas points to each leg of perimeter benches.
N gas- Where required by users/faculty.
M gas - Where required by users/faculty.
Other - 1 x compressed air point to each leg of perimeter benches.

More information about Gas

Fire protection

Fire detection - Smoke detection
- EWIS to all teaching spaces
Fire suppression - Fire hose reel to code.
EWIS - EWIS to all teaching spaces
Portable fire equipment Portable fire extinguisher / blanket located adjacent to entry door

More information about Fire protection


Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux
Lighting controls - C-Bus Programable switching to all labs
Other - Recessed/Flush mounted, sealed LED light fittings
Natural LightDaylight- Natural daylight to room is desirable
Brownout- Brownout of room is required
Light - Other- Anti glare blinds to external windows

More information about Illumination


Type - GPO Points to suit occupancy. Min. 10A cuicuit
- Dedicated cleaners circuit
- Dedicated circuit to fridge/freezers.
- Max 10 outlets per circuit.
- Laptop charging provisions
Quantity - To be determined through detailed design process.
Other - Include Emergency stop button to turn off power & gas, except for fridges/freezers.

More information about Power

Communication / AV

Voice - Phone required at entry doorway, 1050mm above FFL, with 150mm clearance around.
- Use MQ IT standard Avaya handset
Data - Double data points to suit student/user numbers, refer to IT specification.
AV type - To AVTS specification, Type LAD,
WAP - Wireless access point to all of room.
Other - Connect to Uni Hub and TCH Hub

More information about Communication / AV



Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

More information about Commissioning