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Research Lab - Wet

Space description

The Research Lab - Wet is a specifically designed space for laboratory based research teams from various science disciplines, including;

  • Materials Science
  • Biology / Molecular
  • Chemistry

Space Utilisation

Research labs are quite similar to teaching labs in terms of their fitout, the main differences are with the utilisation of the space, which is directly related to the research intended for the lab.  A teaching lab will have high frequency, transient use, with large groups; a research lab will have more consistent use day-to-day, with the same users, possibly with assigned benches.


The Wet Lab is to have direct access to an adjacent Preparation & Store Room/Rooms or other specific areas based on the research to be undertaken.




Site factors - Location of existing services to be considered.
- Shared lab services such as RO water and gas connections to be considered.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Room proportion to suit layout of furniture
- Access to adjacent preparation room.
Design occupancy - To suit user requirements.
Other - Designed as a laboratory, to the Physical Containment (PC) level required by faculty and/or the research group (users)

More information about Planning

Building fabric

Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Standard Plasterboard Wall finish (painted Shoji White)
- Impact resistant plaster board where required.
Wall Finish

- Fabric pinboard finish from 900mm to 2100mm where requested.

- Magnetic or glass white boards from 900mm to 2100mm where requirested by users.

Other - Splashback behind basin to 1200mm
- Splashback above benches 450mm high (except where window are located)

More information about Internal Walls


General Selection Requirements - Floor finish to be suitable for wet areas.
Preferred Material Selection

- Altroflor Industrial sheet flooring (preferred), colour: fog

- Marmoleum (Anti-Static)

Other - Flooring turned up 150mm high as coved skirting

More information about Floors


Ceiling Finishes - Non combustible ceiling linings are required.
Ceiling Heights - Min. 2400mm above FFL.
Ceiling Selection

- Grid ceiling preferred.

- Grid ceilings under plant equipment

Acoustic Ceilings - Gridded acoustic tile ceiling Ecophon Acoustic in white, or similar.
Non Combustible / Fire Rate- Non combustible ceiling linings are required

More information about Ceilings



Window Selection Requirements - External Windows are required for this space.
- Maximise external glazing with sill height 1.2m.
Observation Windows - Windows between access corridor and Lab for observation between 1200mm and 2100mm are required.
Visual Privacy - Frosting as required.
Window Furniture - Blinds to external glazing - brown out capability.
Other - Observation window to preparation, where possible, 900mm wide, from 1.2m to door height (2.1m)
- Adjustable openings min 7% of the floor area for ventilation.

More information about Windows


Doors Type - External door solid core.
- Entry door to be min. 1.5 leaf solid core with vision panel, with min. 900mm clear opening.
- Door between Laboratory and Preparation to be solid core with glazing panel.
- Internal half glazed doors to adjacent areas.
Door Function - Entry door to be auto opening with Cardex Swipe to outside and leaver exit handle internal (Karba/boyd locking)
- Internal door open push button optional.
Glazing - Glazed panels to Preparation room, 125mm wide by 600mm high with sill at 1200mm.
Door Hardware Lock type
- Electric strike lock
Keying / locking
- Cardax External swipe.
Master keying
- Master keyed - Research lab spaces

More information about Doors



General Design Principles - Provision space for wet activities thoughout lab space.
- Provision for use of chemicals within lab.
Amenities for Mobility Impaired Persons - To be determined through design process and risk analysis for building/floor/lab.
- Allowances for accessible height benches, sinks, and fume cupboards to be considered.
Other- Laboratory sinks to perimeter and island benches.

More information about Fixtures

Sanitary Fixtures

Lab Fixtures - Stainless Steel Lab sinks to perimeter beches and island benches as required.
Safety Fixtures - Caroma hand wash basin with Enware taps adjacent to entry door.

More information about Sanitary Fixtures



General Design Principles - Provision space for wet activities thoughout lab space.
- Provision for use of chemicals within lab.
Recommended Furniture Selection - HWB only - Caroma + Enware tapware & bottle trap
- Storage - System 7 underbench stage (Wedgewood powdercoat)
- Whiteboards or writeable glass surfaces as required
Desk & Chair Selection - KPD lab bench- Chemform top
- Seating - to project specification.
Other- Fume cupboards - if required by users.

More information about Furniture

Fixed Furniture

GeneralHWB only - Caroma + Enware tapware & Bottle trap
Storage - System 7 underbench stage (Wedgewood Powdercoat)
Door Entry Mats - As required by containment rating of lab (if any).
Whiteboards - Magnetic or glass white boards from 900mm to 2100mm where required by users.
Pinboards - Fabric pinboard finish from 900mm to 2100mm where required by users.
AV infrastructure - Not required.
Fume Cupboards - Provide at least one single sided fume cupboard per wet lab.
- If more than one fume cupboard required consider separate Fume Cupboard Room.
- Refer to MQ Fume Cupboard Standard.

More information about Fixed Furniture


Window Coverings

Blinds - To external windows where required - brown out capability.

More information about Window Coverings


General"EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of Laboratory.
"ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR REQUIRED" plus symbol, at both ends of Laboratory.
"EMERGENCY STOP", above emergency stop near door.
Door SignageNumber Sequential within block Ie. "BIOLOGY LAB"
Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -

More information about Signage



Security type / group -
CCTV - Not required in lab.
Access control - Swipe access required.
Intruder detection - Not required.
Keying - Refer to Doors

More information about Security



Noise level - Noise Level Within space should be considered
Noise emittance - Limited internal noise emittance
Room to room - Room to room acoustics should be reduced
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered

More information about Acoustics



Natural ventilation - Natural ventilation as redundancy for mechanical - minimum 7% of floor area.
Supply air - To suit overall building system.
- Positive/negative pressure requirements to be considered during design process.
Exhaust - Provide local exhaust when soldering undertaken.
- Exhaust required for fume cupboards.
Controls - Controlled via BMS.
Other- Additional exhaust as required for specific equipment items.

More information about Ventilation


Mechanical cooling - Air conditioned - use swell diffusers
Mechanical heating - Provide heating to MQ standard
- Humidity and min/max temperatures to be addressed in design phase.
Controls - Localised temperature set points in room.
- Humidity set points in room where required by lab function.
- All other conditioning controls via BMS.
Other Humidity - less than 60%
minimum value - project specific

More information about Conditioning


Potable cold water - Required to 1 x hand basin, perimeter and central lab sinks, safety showers, and eye wash.
Potable hot / warm water - Warm water to HWB, perimeter sinks, and central lab sinks.
Non-potable water - As required for users.
Other - RO and/or Milli-Q as required by users/faculty.
- Purified and/or Deionoised water as required by users/faculty.
- All outlets to be labelled accordingly.
- All labs where chemicals are used require a safety shower and eye wash, supplied by potable cold water.

More information about Water


Sanitary drainage - Connection to HWB. Include bottle trap
- Connection to lab sinks throughout.
- Eye wash to drain to plumbed waste line.
- Safety shower is not to be plumbed to waste line.
Trade waste - All drainage pipework to be HDPE.
Other - No floor waste to be installed in to Wet or Damp labs.
- When dry ice is to be used sinks must be Stainless steel.

More information about Drainage


General- 1 x compressed air point per central bench
- 1 x double N gas point per central bench.
- 2 x double N gas points to each leg of perimeter benches.
- Other gases and connections to be considered through design and briefing phases.
Natural Gas - Plumbed in to room.  Connection points to benches/bollards/legs as required by users to spec above.
Lab Gases Consider the following service points to workbenches and confirm requirements with Faculty and user groups:
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Vacuum, Medium pressure compressed air, and/or High pressure compressed air.
Other - Emergency stop button required.
- Consider gas detection and emergency stop facilities.
- C02 monitors if required by faculty or user group.

More information about Gas

Fire protection

Fire detection - Smoke detection
Fire suppression - Fire hose reel to code.
EWIS - EWIS to lab spaces
Portable fire equipment - Portable fire extinguisher / blanket located adjacent to entry door

More information about Fire protection


Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux.
Lighting controls - C-Bus Programable switching to all labs.
Other - Recessed/flush mounted sealed LED light fittings.
Natural LightingDaylight- Natural daylight to room is desirable.
Brownout- Brownout of room is required.
Light - Other- Anti glare blinds to external windows.

More information about Illumination


Type - GPO Points to suit occupancy. Min. 10A cuicuit
- IP rated GPO's near wet areas.
- Dedicated cleaners circuit
- Dedicated circuit to fridge/freezers.
- Max 10 outlets per circuit.
- Laptop charging provisions
Quantity - To be determined through detailed design process.
Other - Include Emergency stop button to turn off power & gas, except for fridges/freezers.

More information about Power

Communication / AV

Voice - Phone required at entry doorway, 1050mm above FFL, with 150mm clearance around.
- Use MQ IT standard Avaya handset.
Data - Double data points to suit user numbers, refer to IT specification.
WAP - Wireless access point throughout lab.

More information about Communication / AV



Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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