Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property

Academic Work Point

Space description

This space is designed as an individual workspace


This space is to be located within research and department office areas and be adjoining main circulation pathways through the building.

Examples spaces

Typical Research office work point cluster:

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Room and Spaces Planning Requirements To suit furniture layout.
- min. 1.5m wide space behind desk for access.
- min. 1.8m between desks in back-to-back arrangement.
Design occupancy Single Workpoint
Area To suit desk layout Approximately 4.4m2 per workpoint plus circulation.
Other Positioned adjacent to office circulation area.

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Building fabric


General - All finishes and colours selected to suit entire office aesthetic.
Design principles - Best practice solutions to be provided for all workpoint arrangements, to suit building layout, operational requirements, and end user requirements.
Materials & finishes - All finishes and colours specified are to suit entire office aesthetic.
Proprietary items - Special furniture, fixtures, or space allowances to be provided when specified by a WHS or statutory compliance requirement.

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Internal Walls

Wall Finish - Pinboard Finish to 2100mm high min. 1.8m wide
- White finish to non-feature walls - Natural White, Lexicon White, or Napkin White
Other - White boards or writable glass surfaces to workpoint clusters where requested by users.

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General Selection Requirements - To suit office fitout.
Preferred Material Selection - Carpet tiles to match adjoining office spaces.
Carpet - 500x500 tiles preferred.
Resilient Floor Finishes CP - Carpet finish.
Other Ducted Skirting to perimeter

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Ceiling Finishes - Set plaster, grid tiles, or acoustic panel, as required
Ceiling Heights - Preferred minimum height: 2700mm above FFL.
Ceiling Selection

- Set plaster, grid tiles, or acoustic panel, as required.

- Preferred tiled system: 1200x600 grid.

Acoustic Ceilings Gridded accoustic tile ceiling Ecophon Acoutic in White
NRC: 0.6 - 0.8 Absorptive Ceiling

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Window Selection Requirements Windows are required for this space.
Observation Windows Maximise windows to adjacent corridor.
Visual Privacy - Blinds may be used to aid visual privacy.
- Frosting may be used on internal glass to aid visual privacy.
Other - External glazing, sill height 1000mm min.
- Internal safety glass glazing to adjacent circulation space for supervision from floor to 2.1m height

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Doors Type Fully glazed or glazed sidelight if door provided
Door Function Entry door lockable (if enclosed)
Glazing Glazed Sidelight
Door Hardware Lock type
Office lock if enclosed
Keying / locking
Keyed to Differ (KD) (if door Provided)
Master keying
Master keyed - Administration & Staff (AF) (if Door Provided)

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General Design Principles - Work point desk, chair, and storage furniture required.
Desk Selection - Typical 1800 wide desk (minimum) per academic staff work point.
- Typical 1600 wide desk (minimum) per HDR student work point.
- Typical white melamine finish to desk top.
- Straight desks are the preferred selection, L-shaped desks are not to be specified. 
Chair Selection - Ergonomic task chair suitable for long term (8 hours per day) seated tasks.
Storage FurnitureTypical Academic staff work point:
- Choice of standard mobile pedestal or mobile tambour pedestal.  Both can be used where space provides.
- Optional open shelf to hang from partition.
- Proximity to 1m linear common storage furniture required per work point.
- 3m linear shelf space per work point required - in the vicinty of the work point.

Bookable HDR Student work point:
- As per Academic staff work point, but in lieu of '3m linear shelf space' a locker must be provided with minimum internal dimensions of 450W x 450H x 550D.
Other- Partitions to be minimum 1200mm above FFL and to be a pinnable surface.
- Colours/fabrics to suit surrounding office space selections.

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Fixed Furniture

Whiteboards White boards or writable glass surfaces to workpoint clusters where requested by users.
Pinboards - Pinboard to workpoint clusters where requested by users.
- Pinboards can be fixed to rear of storage furniture adjoining desks.
- All partitions at work points to be pinnable surfaces.

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Design Principles -
Work Point Signage - Sliding plate name signage to be provided where requested by faculty/department.
- Plates to display as follows:
Line 1:   Name 1Line 2:   Name 2 (if required)Line 3:   Department/Office

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Security type / group B
Refer to Design Standard
CCTV Not Required
Access control Required to greater office area.
Intruder detection Not Required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise level Consideration Required.  Minimise work point noise with material and product selection, and also with work point layout, separation, and clustering.
Noise emittance Low
Room to room Room to Room Acoustics should be reduced where possible.
Room acoustics Room reverberation time to be considered.

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Natural ventilation Natural Ventilation as redundancy for mechanical
Manually Openable Windows
Supply air AS 1668 Supply Rate
Controls Set points to greater office areas, as per mechanical design spec.

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Mechanical cooling Air Conditioning
Conditioned Space
Mechanical heating Provide Heating to MQU Standard
Conditioned Space
Controls - Commensurate with building system
- Reed Switch To Openable Windows / Louvres
- User control for the air conditioning units are to be located adjacent to the light switch in each room to enable the unit to be turned on or off.
Other -

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Fire protection

General- Fire protection to be considered as part of overall office design.
- All fire protection requirements should refer to Australian Standards, BCA, and any relevant alternative solutions
Fire detection To Code Requirements
Fire suppression FIRE HOSE REEL
To Code Requirements
EWIS To Code Requirements
To Code Requirements

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Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux desired over work point surfaces.
- To Code Requirements
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS
- Movement sensors to open plan perimeter areas
- Movement sensors to single/shared offices
- Manual overrides
Other - Task lighting to workpoint can be added at user discretion.
Natural Light - Daylight-Natural daylight to room is desirable

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Type Soft Wired GPOs to work points
Quantity Minimum 2 double GPO's per work point
Other GPO's to underside and/or above desks.
Power on ducted skirting.
Cable management to be considered.

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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