Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property

Copy / Print / Resource Area

Space description

This space is designed for printing and photocopying equipment, and also may include space for document cropping and binding, storage for paper and staionery items, and printer toner and paper recycling bins.



This space is to be located within office / administration areas and be located to the side of main access pathways, with close proximity to work points.

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Site factors - Internal space with direct access to work points.
- Avoid visibility from reception and lobby areas where possible.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - To suit equipment layout. Min 2.3m wide
Could be bay off circulation space
Design occupancy - To suit office population
Area - 0.27m2 per person.
- Bay minimum 4 - 6m2
Other - One bay in corridor per Department of more than 150m2, or per floor.
- Maximum 30m from any workpoint.

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Building fabric


General - As per surrounding office space
Design principles - Provide clear and simple access to/from/through copy area
- Allow for ergonmic use of facility and equipment
Materials & finishes -To suit surrounding office space
Proprietary items Space may host the following items:
- Multi-funciton printer/copier device (MQ IT to spec and supply)
- Paper and waste bins - typically 240L wheelie bin style
- Paper shredding
- Bind, laminate, and crop equipment

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Internal Walls

Impact Resistance -
Fire Rating -
Wall Finish -
Other -

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General Selection Requirements - Floor finish to be sweepable
Variations - Variations may be suitable for smaller, internal copy spaces
Preferred Material Selection

- Marmoleum (Anti-Static)

Other - Ducted Skirting to perimeter

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Ceiling Finishes - As per surrounding office space
Ceiling Selection - Gridded acoustic tile ceiling Ecophon Acoustic in White
NRC: 0.6 - 0.8 Absorptive Ceiling

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are not required for this space.
Glazing - Internal glazing may be used to visually separate space from adjoining office areas

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Doors Type - Door may be required for acoustic separation
Door Function - Not Lockable
Glazing - Half glazed door to circulation, if door provided

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General Design Principles - Bench tops to be suitable for standing height use only
Joinery items- Built in storage cupboards with benchtop and overhead cupboards or shelves

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Fixed Furniture

Pinboards - Pinboard may be fixed to walls where appropriate.
Other - Fixed joinery benches to be set to standing height.

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Security type / group - Unsecured space
CCTV - Not Required
Access control - Not required
Intruder detection - Not Required
Keying - Refer to Doors

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Noise level - Consider noise levels of printer/copier/MFD and provide baffles or partitioning to adjoining work points as required.
Noise emittance - Low - Medium

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Natural ventilation - Natural Ventilation Not Required
Supply air - Make Up Air
Exhaust - Provide Exhaust over printers as required by regulations - General Exhaust
Controls - Controls set by surrounding office space

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Mechanical cooling - Conditioned space - air conditioning
Mechanical heating - Conditioned space - Provide heating to MQ Mechanical Standard
Controls - Commensurate with building system

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Fire protection

Fire detection - To Code Requirements
Fire suppression - To Code Requirements
EWIS - To Code Requirements
Portable fire equipment - Portable fire extinguisher and blanket within or adjacent to area.

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Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux
- To Code Requirements
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS
- Movement Sensor
- Manual Override

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Type - GPO Points to suit equipment.
- Standard Power Required - Refer to Electrical Design Standard
Quantity - Typical minimum of 3 DGPO's
Other - Power on ducted skirting cable management to be considered.

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Communication / AV

Voice - No phone provisions required
Data - Data to MFD/printer/copier required
AV type - Not required
WAP - Wireless access to entire floor required
Other - Dedicated lines for fax or other equipment may be required

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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