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Entry zone

Entry zones (or Zone Entry) are areas connecting office spaces with public facing spaces and amenities.  These areas may have a lobby type space associated with them, or may simply be a vestibule and security point.

Designers should consider what the zone connects to and serves, and also the size of spaces served.  Consideration should also be given to adjoining or imbedded reception spaces.


This space is to be located between office / administration / reception areas and amenities and public spaces.  The Zone Entry is best located on the primary pathway to a department office.

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Site factors - Locate in a position to where passive access control to office spaces can be acheived.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - As required, pending functional requirements and adjacency to reception areas.
Design occupancy - To cater to overall office occupancy.
Other -

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Building fabric


General - Provide materials and finishes suitable for a point of arrival.
Design principles - Entry Zones are to be transitive spaces and should allow clear visibility to nearby office, reception, and lobby areas.
Materials & finishes - Provide materials and finishes suitable for a point of arrival.
Proprietary items - Commercial grade entry floor mat where entry zone serves as entry point to the buliding.

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General Selection Requirements - Floor finish to designer's specification.
- To suit adjoining office and/or corridor spaces.
Variations - Differing finishes may be appropriate to enhance arrival experience.
Preferred Material Selection - Carpet, vinyl, or other material to suit.
Entry Floor Mats - Required where entry zone serves as entry to the building.

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Ceiling Finishes - To suit adjoining office and/or circulation spaces
- Special ceilings may be suitable to enhance arrival experience. 
Ceiling Heights - Min. 2400mm above FFL.  2700mm+ preferred.

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Glazing - Internal glazing may be suitable to define entry zone
Visual Privacy - Transparency desirable to adjoining office spaces
Window Furniture - Blinds, curtains, etc to designer's specification.

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Doors Type - Entry doors required to suit.
Door Function - Outside hours security via swipe access preferred.
Glazing - Glazed doors suitable for entry zones.
- Side lights suitable for entry zones.

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General Design Principles - Lobby furniture may be suitable where entry zone functions as lobby space.

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Fixed Furniture

Door Entry Mats - Required where Entry zone serves as entry point to building
Notice Boards - May be required is entry zone includes lobby functions

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Window Coverings

Blinds - May be required for external glazing.
Curtains - May be required for external glazing.

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Design Principles - Provide signage to indicate entry to adjoining office.
- Entry zone does not require numbering signage

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CCTV - Required to cover main point of entry.
Access control - Main entry door to be swipe access control.
- Connection to Department office to be access controlled.
Keying Refer to Doors

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Natural ventilation - Desirable where appropriate
Supply air - As per overall building design.
Exhaust - As per overall building design.
Controls - As per overall building design.

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Mechanical cooling - As per overall building design.
Mechanical heating - As per overall building design.
Controls - As per overall building design.
Other - Entry zones may be conditioned by spill air only.

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Lighting / lux levels - 200 lux desirable
- Special/feature lighting may be suitable to enhance arrival experience.
Lighting controls - Controlled by BMS
- Local manual override
Other - Consider lighting spill from electronic signs and/or branding screens.

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Type - Cleaners outlets required only
Quantity - Min 1 GPO per entry zone, pending size of space.
Other - LCD screens/signs will require concealed GPOs

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Communication / AV

Voice - Arrival phone me be required for un-manned reception/lobby spaces or entry doors to offices with no reception
Data - Data port for arrival phone
- Data ports for electronic signage or LCD displays
AV type - Signage or simple display only
WAP - Required throughout

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Vertical transport

General - Avoid unnecessary vertical travel
- Provide ramps where rquired.

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
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