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Macquarie University Property

Staff meeting room (Dept)

Space description

This space is designed for small group meetings of faculty/office staff.


This space is to be located within office / administration areas and be located to adjoin main access pathways.

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Site factors - Meeting rooms to be easily accessed from office reception spaces.
- Meeting rooms are ideally located in central core office areas to provide equitable access, and allow natural lighting to primarily service the work spaces.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements Meeting rooms to be approximately square.  Shape may differ depending on size and intended furniture configuration.
Design occupancy Min 9m2 for 4 people
Area - Allow 0.2m2 of meeting room space per staff member in any given office
- Minimum 1 x 10m2 meeting room per 50 staff
Other -

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Building fabric

Internal Walls

Wall Finish - Pinboard Finish to 2100mm high min.
- White boards as required - 1200H, from 900mm above FFL
Other - Backing required for LCD screen in all Medium and Large meeting rooms.

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General Selection Requirements - Provide for high traffic, low maintenance.
Preferred Material Selection - Carpet tiles - 500mm x 500mm
Carpet - Carpet finish to suit adjoining office.
Other Ducted Skirting to perimeter if required.

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Ceiling Finishes - Painted set plasterboard ceiling, or tiled grid system.
Ceiling Heights - Nominal min. 2700mm floor to ceiling height.
Ceiling Selection - White finish to suit room/building design.
Acoustic Ceilings Gridded acoustic tile ceiling Ecophon Acoustic in White
NRC: 0.6 - 0.8 Absorptive Ceiling

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Window Selection Requirements Windows are Desirable for this space but may view into open office area or outside.
Glazing - Internal glazing to be frosted.
Observation Windows - Maximise windows to adjacent corridor.
Visual Privacy - Frosting between 600mm and 1600mm above FFL.
Other - External glazing (if provided) sill height: 1000mm min
- Internal safety glass glazing to adjacent circulation space for supervision from floor to 2.1m height

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Doors Type - Sliding or swing doors are acceptable.
Door Function - Not Lockable.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - As per building design spec.
Frame Type - As per building design spec.
Glazing - Glazed sidelight to door and/or fully glazed door.
Door Hardware Locking door hardware not required

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General Design Principles - Meeting table size and shape to suit room shape and size.
Recommended Table Selection - Round, square, or rectangular table.
Recommended Chair Selection - Chair suitable for up to 2 hours use.

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Fixed Furniture

Whiteboards - 1200mm high, fixed 900mm above FFL.
- Width to suit wall dimensions.
- Pen trays to suit.
Pinboards - Pinboard Finish to 2100mm high min.
Projection Screens - For larger rooms only.
- To suit room size and proportion.
- Consult with AVTS.
Other - Larger meeting rooms or board rooms may require a credenza for serving.

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Window Coverings

Blinds - Blinds to external windows where required.

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Door Signage- Room number Sequential within block. eg 75T 604

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CCTV Not Required
Access control Not Required
Intruder detection Not Required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise level - Noise Level Within space should be considered
Noise emittance - Low - Medium
- Consideration Required
Room to room - Room to Room acoustics should be minimised.
- Provide acoustic door seals to break out spaces, and between adjoining teaching spaces.
- Acoustic treatment within walls and ceiling spaces to be incorporated where required.
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered.
- Recommended mid frequency reverberation time of 0.6-0.8 seconds.

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Natural ventilation - Natural ventilation not desirable.
- Manually openable windows permissable.
Supply air AS 1668 Supply Rate
Controls - Controls to be localised to room.

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Mechanical cooling Air Conditioning
Mechanical heating Provide heating to MQ Mechanical Standard
Controls Commensurate with building system
Reed Switch To Openable Windows / Louvres

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Fire protection

Fire detection To Code Requirements
Fire suppression To Code Requirements
EWIS To Code Requirements
Portable fire equipment To Code Requirements
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux
- To Code Requirements
Lighting controls - Auto Off after 20 minutes
- Switchable zones to suit AV
- Dimming Capability
- Movement Sensor
- Manual Override
Other - Provide appropriate lighting over meeting table
Natural Light - DaylightNatural daylight to room is desirable

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Type - GPO Points to suit equipment.
- Standard power required - Refer to Electrical Design Standard
Quantity - Pending size of room
- Min of 2 GPOs per table box
Other - Power on ducted skirting cable management to be considered.
- Floor Box to tables to be served from below.

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Communication / AV

Voice - 1 Phone required per meeting room.
- 1 double data points required
- Voice / Data Provision Required
- Conference call capability required to handsets and/or AV.
Data - Data required for LCD and to table boxes.
AV type - Consideration Required - Consult with AVTS to scope.
WAP Wireless Access to entire floor required
Other -

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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