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Multipurpose Space

Space Description

Multipurpose spaces are most suitable when located between academic office areas and research spaces and enable faculties and departments to facilitate large group activities such as research presentations, departmental gatherings, 'town hall' meetings, and research-specific third party guest presentations.
These spaces can also act as staff tea points and common/breakout spaces, but will require a more regimented layout and furniture selection, potentially resulting in less flexible space than a typical common/breakout space may be able to provide.

Image: W6A-107 Seminar Room


Academic work point (academic offices)

Staff work point (professional offices)

Department Reception

Entry Zone

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Site factors - Easy access to/from entry zone and academic work points.
- Proximity to amenities.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - Shape and size to be determined through design process. Consider size and funtion of office the space will be serving.
- Suitable geometry for seated presentations.
Design occupancy - As required by faculty or department.
Other -

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Building fabric


General - Provide fitout commensurate with the surrounding office spaces.
Design principles - Provide layout and functionality suitable to Faculty strategic directions and size according to anticipated number of users.
Materials & finishes - Material selection to be explored through the design and briefing process.

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Materials & Finishes

Walls- Feature walls may be incorporated.
- Writable wall surfaces can be incorporated on perimeter walls.
Floors - Floor finish to be determind through design process
Ceiling - Ceiling fabric and finish to be determined through design process

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are desirable for this space and may view into adjoining office areas, circulation spaces, or outside.
Glazing - Glazing as per design spec.
- Glazing may be used as writable surface.
Observation Windows - Side light to entry door required.
Window Furniture - Curtains and/or blinds may be required for brown out function.

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Doors Type - Sliding or swing doors are acceptable.
Door Function - To be determined through design process.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - As per building design spec.
Frame Type - As per building design spec.
Door Hardware - Locking hardware not required

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General Design Principles- Joinery for kitchen/tea point where required.
Amenities for Mobility Impaired Persons - Space to be 100% accessible.

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Sanitary Fixtures

Kitchen / Tea point- Standard tea point facilities required where provided.
- Fixtures and sizes to be determined based on number of people served.
Hot/Cold/Boiling Water - Standard H/C mixer tap for sink
- Boiling / Chilled water unit for sink (ZIP Hydrotap or similar)

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General Design Principles - Furniture spec to be determined through design and briefing phases.
Recommended Furniture Selection - Provide loose furniture items to allow for a variety of activities to be accommidated through simple furniture moves.

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Fixed Furniture

Whiteboards - As required by users.  Writable glass surfaces may be more suitable than framed magnetic whiteboards.
Pinboards - As required by users.
Notice Boards - As required by users.
Projection Screens - To suit AV functionality (if required).
Kitchen & Tea Room Equipment Pending size of kitchen / tea point, typically allow for:
- Microwave oven/s
- Fridge/s
- Benching surface and cupboard storage
- GPO's to benching for coffee machine, kettle, sandwich press (users to provide small appliances)
- Sink with appointements per 'Sanitary Fixtures'
- Space allocated and GPO's for vending machine/s where appropriate.

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Window Coverings

Blinds - Blinds to external windows as required by building and/or users.
- Blinds for brown out functionality if required. 
Curtains - Curtains for brown out functionality if required.

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Design Principles - Signage to other department/office and/or research areas can be incorporated if required.
Macquarie University Signage and Wayfinding -

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Security type / group -
CCTV - Not required.
Access control - Required if entered off a publicly accessible circulation space.
Intruder detection - Not required
Keying Refer to Doors

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Noise level - Consideration Required.  Minimise noise carriage to nearby office areas.
Noise emittance - Medium.  Group gatherings may produce noise.
Room acoustics - To be considered through design process.

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Natural ventilation - Natural ventilation as redundancy for mechanical system.
- Manually openable windows.
Supply air - AS 1668 Supply Rate
Controls - Set points to greater office areas, as per mechanical design spec.

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Mechanical cooling - Conditioned Space - Air Conditioning
Mechanical heating - Conditioned Space - Provide Heating to MQ Mechanical Standard
Controls - Commensurate with building system
- Reed Switch To Openable Windows / Louvres
- User control for the air conditioning units are to be located adjacent to the light switch in each room to enable the unit to be turned on or off.
Other -

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Potable cold water - To tapset at sink and boiler/chiller unit
Portable hot / warm water - To tapset at sink
Non-portable water - Not suitable
Other -

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Sanitary drainage - Required at sink
Trade waste - Not required
Other -

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Other - Natural Gas fueled appliances not recommended.

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Fire protection

General- Fire protection to be considered as part of overall office design.
- All fire protection requirements should refer to Australian Standards, BCA, and any relevant alternative solutions
Fire detection - To code requirements
Fire suppression

- FIRE HOSE REEL - To Code Requirements

EWIS - To code Requirements
Portable fire equipment - PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER/ BLANKET - To code requirements
Other -

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Lighting / lux levels - To code requirements.
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS
- Switchable zones to suit AV
- Dimming Capability
Other - Natural daylight to space is desirable
- Special and/or feature light fittings may be appropriate.

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Type - Standard 10A GPO's where required.
Quantity - To suit layout and function of space.
Other -

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Communication / AV

Voice - Not required
Data - Data required for AV equipment
AV type - Where required - to be determined through design process.
WAP - Required throughout
Other -

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Building Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -
As Built Documentation -

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