Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property

Large Tutorial Room (100+)

Space description

Tutorial rooms are designed as a multi purpose educational space for:

  • education content delivery,
  • interactive learning activities,
  • interactive discussion, and
  • active learning.



This space is to be located adjacent to student / circulation zones and near to other student collaboration spaces.

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Site factors - Ideally locate near a student common space
- Locate near student crush space for pre/post tutorial gathering
- Large tutorial rooms may also be used as Seminar Rooms.
Room and Spaces Planning Requirements - rectangular, with ability to divide room into smaller square spaces
Design occupancy 100+
Area Approx 2m2/person, depending on desired layout
Other - Design for flexibility with furniture arrangement
- Usage is typically transient for 1-4 hour periods
- High use space with various user groups.

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Building fabric


General Layout of loose furniture to provide appropriate access through room.
Design principles - Design for frequent and transient occupancy.
- Provide appropriate sight lines for installed AV and white boards.
- Provide appropriate floor to ceiling height to suit AV spec; nominal 3m.
Materials & finishes - Use hard wearing, durable finishes.
- Install bump rails on side and rear walls.
Proprietary items -

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Materials & Finishes

Paint finishes - Use hard wearing, low maintenance, low VOC paints.
- Nominal base colours: Brilliant White, Napkin White
- Feature wall colours to be determined through design process. 

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Internal Walls

Impact Resistance - Impact resistant walls are recommended
Wall Finish - Pinboard finish from floor to 2100mm to front and rear wall.
- Pinboard not required below windows with sills less than 1800mm above floor.
Skirtings - All skirtings to be metal or aluminium with black finish.
Operable walls- Not desirable but may be used to allow large rooms to divide into 2.
- Use operable walls constructed by local manufacturers
- Ensure the function of operable walls is clear and simple
- Operable walls are to be acoustically treated.

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General Selection Requirements - Provide for high traffic, low maintenance.
Preferred Material Selection Carpet tiles - 500mm x 500mm

Preferred carpet tile - teaching spaces
Carpet Preferred carpet: Interface Equilibrium II - colour: Rotate.
Other -

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Ceiling - Painted set plasterboard ceiling, or tiled grid system.
Ceiling Heights - Nominal min. 3m floor to ceiling height.
Ceiling Selection - Finish to suit room/building design
Acoustic Ceilings - Acoustic ceiling tiles to be used where recommended by designer.

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Window Selection Requirements - Windows are required to provide natural light to these spaces.
- Preferred sill height at 1200mm above FFL.
Glazing - External window glazing is to be integrally tinted for glare and heat transfer control to meet the regulatory requirements.
Other- Windows should not be openable in air conditioned spaces.

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Doors Type - Half glass door, sidelight, or vision cutout to circulation.
Door Function - Provide latch to allow door to hold open.
Fire / Acoustic Rated - As per building design spec.
Frame Type - As per building design spec.
Glazing - Half glazed door or side light to circulation spaces
Door Hardware Lock type
Classroom lock with Cardex swipe security.

Keying / locking
Swipe Card Access - Tutorial
Master keying
Master keyed - Tutorial
Other- Operable walls are not desirable but where required they are to be acoustically rated.

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General Design Principles - min of 2 desks to be accessible - nominal 1 at front and 1 at rear of room.
- Mobile furniture preferred in tutorial rooms.
Recommended Desk Selection - Accessible desks: 1500x600 with accessible legs and height adjustable frame.
- Standard teaching space desks: 750x600x720H loose desks.
- Charcoal powdercoat finish to base/frame/legs.
- Laminate top in 'Ocean Micro' colour with matched edges.
Recommended Chair Selection - Moulded polypropylene seat shells - black finish.
- Chrome plated sled base.
OtherLecterns - refer to AV component specs.

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Fixed Furniture

Whiteboards Whiteboards:
- Magnetic porcelain with satin silver edgeless frame.
- 1200mm high, fixed 900mm above FFL.
- Width to suit wall dimensions with evenly proportioned seamless joins.
- Pen trays to suit.
Pinboards Not required.
Notice Boards Not required.
Projection Screens As per AV spec.
Lecterns As per AV spec.

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Bump rails Fix along side and rear walls:
- Brushed stainless steel finish or coloured to suit feature wall.
- Nominal 150mm high, fixed from 650mm above FFL

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Window Coverings

Blinds - Window blinds for brown out or block out function.
- Preferred product: Luxaflex manually operated roller blinds.
- Operation can be programmed in to lectern. 

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General and Room numbering Refer to Signage component specs and the Signage and Wayfinding guidelines.

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Security type / group A
CCTV CCTV to have coverage in adjoining circulation spaces.
CCTV not desirable in teaching spaces.
Access control Swipe card access to room via cardax system..
Keying Refer to Doors
OtherInclude Reed switches to doors and operable windows.

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Noise level Noise Level Within space should be considered
Noise emittance Limited internal noise emittance
Room to room - Room to Room acoustics should be minimised.
- Provide acoustic door seals to break out spaces, and between adjoining teaching spaces.
- Acoustic treatment within walls and ceiling spaces to be incorporated where required.
Room acoustics - Room reverberation time to be considered.
- Recommended mid frequency reverberation time of 0.6-0.8 seconds.

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Natural ventilation Not desirable.
Supply air As per building spec, to suit occupancy.
Controls -

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Mechanical cooling - Air Conditioning
Mechanical heating - Provide Heating Refer to Mechanical Design Specification.
Controls - Centrally controlled preferred
Other -

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Fire protection

Fire detection Fire detection / alarms to comply with NCC.
Fire suppression - As Required for design of building
Portable fire equipment - As Required for design of building.

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Light fixtures- LED based fittings to suit layout
Lighting / lux levels - 240 lux
Lighting controls - Managed by BMS, refer to Design Guide
- Isolate zones in relation to AV spec.
Other - Task lighting to lectern.
Natural LightingDaylight- Natural daylight to room required
Brownout- Brownout of room is required

More information about Illumination

Communication / AV

Voice - Lecturn selection pending room size, (VGA input, Data Projector)
Data - 2 double data points adjacent to white board.
- 2 general data points in room.
AV type - AV to AVTS Standard, Type L1D (Digital) - Including Lectern, AV Display & PA with hearing Loop,
WAP - Wireless Access point to all of room to MQ IT specification.
Other - Data for Lectern,
- Resident PC for Lectern
- Phone handset behind or near lectern.

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AV Commissioning -
Services Commissioning -

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