Design Guidelines
Macquarie University Property
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Design Guideline Overview


These Guidelines have been prepared to assist facility planning consultants in the design and documentation of Macquarie University (MQU) projects. They provide direction and guidance in regard to the University's requirements.  The Guidelines will enable Consultants to more efficiently translate MQU requirements into acceptable design solutions.

These Guidelines provide consultants with design information based on hindsight and experience developed from delivering similar projects by:

  • Outlining the general performance requirements of the various design elements to be considered in a facility.
  • Providing the minimum standards required of the components that make an element of design.  In some situations the minimum standards will exceed the requirements of applicable regulatory standards.

The Guidelines are not intended to replace the level of initiative, competence and care expected of consultants in the performance of their duties. Consultants are encouraged to carefully consider the merits of these Design Guidelines in the context of the needs of individual 

Performance Requirements

If a Consultant considers a guideline is not appropriate and that a more suitable solution is appropriate, proposals to this effect should be raised for consideration by MQU. In the absence of express written approval for a deviation from these guidelines, MQU will however assume that the requirements contained in these Design Guidelines have been fully addressed and incorporated in the proposed design solution and project 

Guideline Context

These guidelines must be viewed in conjunction with additional MQU documents that guide campus development and inform project design including:

  • University Master plan - Establishes broad strategies for future development, heritage buildings and landscape and recreational.
  • State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) Amendment (Macquarie University) 2009.
  • Macquarie University Campus Master Plan 2014
  • Landscape Master Plan - Guidelines for Landscape Development.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy,
  • Procurement Handbook and Guidelines,
  • Risk Management Procedures.
  • Contractor Safety Management Systems.

And more general design and construction documents:

  • National Construction code (BCA)
  • The relevant Australian Standards.
  • NSW WorkCover Authority Guidelines